Structures on A57:
A4 - Venezia - A4 ("Tangenziale di Mestre")

Edited by: Eugenio A. Merzagora
1st revision – March 2009
Tunnel / Viaduct Direction Trieste Direction Torino Notes
      Connection A4 Torino
      Toll Barrier Venezia Ovest
      Exit Dolo – Mirano / Prov. VE
      Exit Mira - Oriago
SP Mira Mirano – Canale Taglio 232 m 232 m  
      Exit Borbiago
Mestre 9 225 m 9 225 m Prov. VE (open 2012, Mestre bypass)
      ex Toll Barrier Mestre Villabona (dismitted)
  Total Agip Service Areas “Villabona” on exit ramps
Marghera 816 m 816 m Exit Marghera (on viaduct)
Miranese 1 112 m 1 112 m Exit Miranese (on viaduct)
Marzenego 48 m 48 m  
SS 245 171 m 171 m  
Castellana 253 m 253 m Exit Castellana
Terraglio 758 m 758 m  
      Exit Terraglio – S.S. 14 bis
  Agip Shell Service Areas “Bazzera”
Dese 65 m 65 m  
      Connection A27 Belluno
      Exit Marcon
Zero 48 m 48 m Prov. VE-TV
      Exit Quarto d'Altino. Prov. VE
      Toll Barrier Venezia Est
  -   Connection A4 Trieste
TOTAL tunnels 9 225 m 9 225 m For Mestre bypass (Tangenziale di Mestre)

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