Rack-Railways and underground Mountain Tunnels
Edited by: Walter Brummer
Country Line Constr.
Austria Gletscherbahn Kaprun 1974 3 400 m "The World's first underground cable car". To the summer ski area on the Kitzsteinhorn glacier - the first summer ski area in Austria. Altitude 911 to 2452 m, capacity 1240 persons/hour. Fire tragedy 11.11.2000:
Austria Pitz Express 1983 3 900 m Tunnel to the Pitztal glacier ski area in Tyrol. Tunnel altitude is between 1720 m and 2840 m.
Austria Moelltaler Glacier Express 1997 4 800 m In Carinthia. Altitude between 1255 and 2230 m.
Austria Reisseckbahn   2 150 m
2 800 m
Between station Schoberboden, 2237 m - Reisseckuette, 2250 m - Obermooshuette, 2380 m. Total length is approx. 7 km.
Tunnels: Kammwand and Riedboch.
New South Wales
The Skitube 1984-1988 6 300 m Bilston tunnel and Blue cow tunnel rises 755 m from Bullock's Flat to Blue Cow station. Standard gauge rack rail system with a maximum gradient of 12.5 %
France Funiculaire Grande Motte     Altitude between 2200 and 3456 m.
A plan of the whole ski area, Val d'Isère - Tignes:
France Funiculaire de Val d'Isère 1986-1987 1 689 m To Bellevarde. Altitude between 1799 and 2691 m. Diameter 4.2 m. Max. gradient: 53%
Germany BAVARIAN ZUGSPITZE RAILWAY 1930 4 466 m The highest mountain of Germany, 2962 m. Railway begins at Garmisch-Partenkirchen, altitude 700 m. Top station original at 2650 m, since 1987 at Zugspitzblatt, 2588 m. 750 m funicular continues to the top.
Italy Motta-Campodolcino   1 046 m  
Spain Between Puente Poncebos and Bulnes 2000? 2 200 m Altitude 250 to 650 m. Bulnes is a village in the Picos de Europa mountains, 20 km away from the north shore of Spain between Gijón and Santander.
Switzerland Jungfraujoch Built in
3 stages
7 123 m The tunnel starts at 2320 m and ends in an underground station at 3454 m. The tunnel goes inside the Moench, 4099 m high and the Eiger, 3970 m high, which has one of the highest but certainly the most impressive rock face in the Alps (approx. 1800 m high).
Switzerland Metro-Alpin 1984 1 434 m In Saas Fee, Wallis. Altitude 2991 to 3456 m
Switzerland Old Furka Rack-railway 1914 1 434 m This is now used as a museum railway with steam locomotives, the tunnel on the top 1874 m, altitude 2117-2160 m, first opening 1914, 1982 closed because of opening of Furka Base Tunnel (15.381 m), old rail reopened on 14.07.2000 for tourism.


Red points show beginning and end of the tunnel
The outside part of the station at the Jungfraujoch
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