Laerdal - World's longest Road Tunnel - Nov. 27 2000
1995.03.15: Start of work
1999.09.03: Break through 10.6 km from Nyheim.
2000.11.27: Opening ceremony at Laerdal portal

More pictures from the tunnel:

From the north portal (Laerdal)of the Laerdal tunnel in November 2000.

The first foreigners to cross Laerdal tunnel. The "Laerdal Tour", from Milano (Italy) to Laerdal through Austria, Germany, Denmark and Sweden, by a Renault Espace, was organized by the Italian magazine "Automobilismo". For statistic curiosity, Eugenio A.Merzagora (first on the left) was the first foreign driver through the World's longest road tunnel.

Sunrise inside a mountain?
From one of the three 30 meter wide mountain halls in the tunnel.
The main ventilation station in the shaft. Two fans with a total capacity of 480 m3/sec at 1300 Pascal.

Type: Howden
Motor: 540 kW
Impeller diameter: 2 985 mm
Speed regulation: 0 - 990 rpm

In addition there are 32 Jet-fans in 5 groups between Aurland and the ventilation shaft (side entrance).

Type: ABB
Motor 35 kW
Impulse force: 1740 N

View of the Aurland fjord from the mountain road between Aurland and Laerdal.

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