Road Tunnels in Luxembourg
Tunnels en Luxembourg
Edited by: Eugenio A. Merzagora
7th revision – February 2008
Tunnel Length (m) Date of
Canton Notes Road
Grouft 2 966  2013 MER Second tube: 2966 m. Works start: 14.02.2005. Three lanes dir. South, two lanes dir. Nord. Grad. 4,5% A7
Gousselerbierg 2 695  24.01.2008 MER Second tube: 2695 m. Near Gosseldange A7
Stafelter 1 850  2013 MER Second tube: 1850 m. Works start: end 2002 A7
Markusbierg 1 585  24.07.2003 REM Shortest tube: 1565 m. Holing since 11.98. Near Burmerange A13
Central Gate 735   ESC Second tube: 735 m. Esch sur Alzette-Micheville. Works start: 2006 A4
Renč Konen 719  1983 LUX Town Luxembourg. One way direction N 7  
TC Mondorf 575  24.07.2003 REM Second tube: 575 m A13
Kannerduerf (Mersch) 530  16.11.2001 MER Second tube: 530 m A7
Howald 469  1994 LUX Shortest tube : 429 m A1
TC Frisange 395  24.07.2003 REM Second tube: 395 m A13
De Cents (Treves) 31 1996 LUX Second tube : 310 m A1
Ehlerange 225  1994 ESC Second tube: 225 m A13
Aessen 200  1994 ESC Second tube: 200 m A13
Roost 150  16.11.2001 MER Second tube: 150 m. Passage a gibier A7
Mierscherbierg 130  16.11.2001 MER   N7
Biff 100  1994 ESC   A13

Warm thanks to: Fabio Camnasio, Kees Jan van Ginkel

Red: under costruction
Pink: in project

Tunnels and Viaducts on A13: Petange - Schengen ("Liason avec la Sarre")

Road Viaducts and Bridges in Luxembourg

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LEGENDA: Cantons in Luxembourg

  Canton Main Town
DIE Diekirch Diekirch
REM Remich Remich
CAP Capellen Capellen
ESC Esch Esch
MER Mersch Mersch
CLE Clervaux Clervaux
  Canton Main Town
ECH Echternach Echternach
GRV Grevenmacher Grevenmacher
LUX Luxembourg Luxembourg
RED Redange Redange
VIA Vianden Vianden
WIL Wiltz Wiltz



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