Road tunnels in Canada
Tunnels en Canada
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2nd revision - October 2004
State Tunnel Length (m) Year of opening Province Comment Road



8 400



Second tube: 8400 m  
CDN - USA Detroit - Windsor 1 564 03.11.1930 ONT Subsea tunnel, -22.8 m. In Canada: 1062 m.  
CDN Ville Marie 1 500 1974 QBC Ville de Montreal H 720
CDN Louis Hippolyte Lafontaine 1 391 11.03.1967 QBC Second tube : 1391 m. Immersed tube under river, Ville de Montreal  
CDN Townline 1 000 15.07.1972 ONT Cut- and cover under Welland canal. 2 lanes for cars +3 railway tracks H 140
CDN Thorold 840 1967 ONT Second tube: 840 m. Cut- and cover under Welland canal H 58
CDN East Main   20.05.1972 ONT 4 lanes. Cut- and cover under Welland canal  
CDN Viger 800 1986 QBC   H 720
CDN Trans Canada Intersection 720   BRC Second tube: 720 m  
CDN Cassiar 700   BRC    
CDN George Massey 650 1959 BRC Second tube: 650 m. Immersed tube - 20 m. Fraser river (Near Deas Island)  
CDN Atwater 222 1929 QBC Shortest tube: 180 m. Ville de Montreal  
CDN Saint Marc 220   QBC Ville de Montreal  
CDN Saint Remi     QBC Ville de Montreal  
CDN Sainte Marguerite     QBC Ville de Montreal  

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Provinces in Canada / Territori in Canada / Etates en Canada

C.P. Province Main Town
ALB Alberta Edmonton
BRC British Columbia Victoria
MAN Manitoba Winnipeg
NBR New Brunswick Fredericton
NFL Newfound Land Saint Jonh's
NSC Nova Scotia Halifax
NUN Nunavut Iqaluit
C.P. Province Main Town
NWT North west Territory Yellowknife
ONT Ontario Toronto
PEI Prince Edward Island Charlottetown
QBC Quebec Quebec
SKC Saskatchewan Regina
YUK Yukon Territory Whitehorse



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