Road Tunnels in Belgium
Tunnels en Belgique
Edited by: Eugenio A. Merzagora

7th revision – September 2013
Tunnel Length (m) Date of
Prov. Notes Road
Leopold II -Sainctelette 2 534 1977 BRB Second tube opened in 1986. Town Bruxelles. R20
Belliard 2 143 1993 BRB One way  
Waasland 1 717 1933 ANT Town Antwerpen. Subaqueous tunnel under Waasland Canal N49
Cointe 1 639 07.06.2000 LIE Shortest tube: 1511 m A602
Craeybeckx 1 600 1981 ANT Second tube: 1600 m. 4 lanes each A1
Beveren (Schelde) 1 475 1969 OVL Subaqueous tunnel. Immersed part: 700 m R2
Liefkenshoek 1 374 1987 ANT - OVL Second tube: 1373 m (1992). Subaqueous tunnel R2
Tijsmans 1 100 1967 ANT Second tube: 1100 m. Subaqueous tunnel under Schelde-Rhin Canal. Immersed part: 820 m R2
Foret de Soignes 1 100 PRJ BRB Peripherique sud Bruxelles R0
Vier Armen 805 1994 BRB Second tube: 805 m. Town Bruxelles R0
Jan de Vost 780   ANT Second tube: 780 m A112
Schuman-Comines 691   BRB Town Bruxelles  
Kennedy 690 1969 ANT Town Antwerpen. Subaquous tunnel R1
Reyers-Centre 650 1974 BRB Partially opposed to Belliard tunnel  
Porte de Hal (Hallepoort) 635 1983 BRB Town Bruxelles. One tube, 2 carriageways R20
Kinkempois 635 07.06.2000 LIE Second tube: 376 m A602
Cinquantenaire (Jubel Park) 628 1974 BRB Town Bruxelles N3
Wevelgem 600   WVL Second tube: 600 m. Tournai-Bruges A17
Rupel 600 1982 ANT Second tube: 600 m. Subaquous tunnel. Near Boom A12
Montgomery II 600 1971 BRB Grande Ceinture de Bruxelles R21
Rogier 570 1957 BRB Town Bruxelles. One tube, 2 carriageways R20
Hiernaux 550   HAI Second tube : 430 m. Town Charleoi R9
Loi 505 1968 BRB    
Zelzate 485   OVL Second tube: 485 m. Subaqueous tunnel, under Gent – Terneuzen canal A11
Stephanie (Stefania) 473 1957 BRB Town Bruxelles N24
Couillet 400   HAI Second tube: 400 m R3
Derivation de la Meuse* 395   LIE Subaqueous tunnel, town Liege N30
Rouiller 390   HAI Town Charleroi R51
Grosses Battes 376 07.06.2000 LIE Second tube: 376 m A602
Bailli (Bajluw) 362 1963 BRB Town Bruxelles N24
Bevrijdings 350   ANT Second tube: 350 m A12/R1
Hublinbu 350   HAI Second tube: 350 m R3
Stationsplein 341   OVL Town Sint Niklaas R42
Hyon 340   HAI Town Mons R50
La Paix 330   HAI Town Charleroi R9
Louise (Louiza) 306 1957 BRB Petite Ceinture Bruxelles N24
Trone 304 1967 BRB Town Bruxelles. One tube, 2 carriageways R20
Bois d'Houtang 300   HAI Second tube: 300 m A8
P.te Schaerbeek 295   BRB Town Bruxelles. One tube, 2 carriageways R20
‘T Zand 270   WVL Town Brugge R30
Parklaan 227   OVL Town Sint Niklaas N16
Tervueren (Tervueren) 206 1972 BRB Town Bruxelles N3
Reyers 200   BRB Four tubes A3 – R21
Rebaix 200   HAI Second tube: 200 m A8
Conservatoire 167   LIE Town Liege  
Place Leopold 160   HAI Town Mons R50
Hoche Porte 151   LIE Town Liege N3
Blonden 150   LIE Town Liege N617
Quai des Ardennes 150   LIE Town Liege N30
Slipway Louise - Stephanie 150   BRB Town Bruxelles R20- N24
Omalius 140   NAM Town Namur N90
S.te Marie 121   LIE Town Liege  
Quai V.Hoegaerden 106   LIE Town Liege  
Vleurgat 105 1998 BRB Town Bruxelles N24
Marcinelle 100   HAI Second tube: 100 m R3
Carrefour Leonard (Delta) 96   BRB Town Bruxelles R0
Fraigneaux II 91   LIE Town Liege N3
Demoulin 91   LIE Town Liege  
Boileau 88   BRB Grande Ceinture Bruxelles R21
Fraigneaux I 76   LIE Town Liege N3
Chasseurs Pied 70   HAI Town Mons R50
P.te de Namur (Naamsepoort) 70   BRB Town Bruxelles. One tube, 2 carriageways R20
Place de Flandre 70   HAI Town Mons R50
Madou 65   BRB Town Bruxelles. One tube, 2 carriageways R20
Regnier au Long Col 65   HAI Town Mons R50
Arts - Loi 61   BRB Town Bruxelles. One tube, 2 carriageways R20
Georges Henri 50   BRB   R21
Bois Lemoine   PRJ LIE Beaufays-Cerexhe A605
TC Retinne   PRJ LIE Beaufays-Cerexhe A605
Fort   PRJ LIE Beaufays-Cerexhe A605

Warm thanks to: Fabio Camnasio

Red: under costruction
Pink: in project
*: nickname

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LEGENDA: Provinces in Belgium

  Province Main Town
ANT Antwerpen Antwerpen (Anvers)
BRB Brabant Bruxelles-Brussel
HAI Hainaut Mons (Bergen)
LIE Liege Liege (Luik)
LIM Limburg Hasselt
  Province Main Town
LXB Luxembourg Arlon
NAM Namur Namur (Namen)
OVL Oost Vlaanderen Gent (Gand)
WVL West Vlaanderen Brugge (Bruges)



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